triclosan triclocarban

Whats Wrong with Regular Soap?

Is your morning shower actually a hazardous chemical shower? It may be if you’re not choosing your body soaps carefully!

Regular soaps often contain chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance and colors. Soaps also commonly use one of a few active ingredients including 3,4,4-trichlorocarbanalide (a.k.a. triclocarban) and 2-hyroxy 2’,4,4’-trichlorodiphenyl (also known as triclosan).

The EPA has registered triclocarban & triclosan as pesticides, and they have a chemical structure is similar to many hazardous agents including dioxins, PCBs, and even Agent Orange!

Your skin is a protective mechanical barrier for your internal organs and muscles. It also excretes waste products and excess salts from your body through sweat and tears. Your skin is also meant to absorb substances that are good for you, like Vitamin D from the sun, or healing herbals, and essential oils. So of course, your skin can also absorb substances that are BAD for you!

When your skin absorbs harmful chemicals, their toxins can lodge into your cells, tissues, and muscles, and eventually overwhelm your entire immune system.